When a free website builder is not free

Many times I try to explain to people why a Marketing advisor is necessary. Here is a perfect example. Google offers “free” website builders, great right? Not when you have 3 separate departments involved in the process. G Suite, is one department, Google Domains is another department and the 3rd department is Google Local Business. Goggle doesn’t tell you this up front though…it has taken 3-4 hours so far of being told wrong dept to resolve a simple redirection issue of a domain to a Google “Free” site. Time that is billable to a client.

After several hours one of the responses I received was that the only way to connect a domain to a site is to actually contact a specific support department who after resolving 1/2 the issue told me that I need to contact another department to resolve the issue. The other department has no immediate chat or phone support and their call back and email back solution can add days to issue resolution. So even if I went through learning the process of setup through Google’s convoluted systems it still wouldn’t work. This is with a tech who understands the system.

I have a Marketing Agency; we specialize in helping our clients from both a technical and a design agency. The client determines how our time is best spent. While they save in hosting they spent a larger chunk in support. Beware, FREE is not always free.

Jason Stadtlander

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