What will it cost to develop a website?

So I get asked “What will it cost to develop a website” on a daily basis. I run a marketing company. I tell everyone, “do a small needs analysis PRIOR to asking a question like that”. The development of our “Ecatalogues/Ecatalogs” brand was meant to provide people with “canned” template solutions with existing software like the free website builders from Google, or those available with many website hosting providers. The paid website builders from Wix or Squarespace, or template software like WordPress, WooCommerce and Magento.

Development can start at $13, yes the price of a domain name… so the answer is always “Let’s determine what your budget is and that will determine the types of technologies we should implement for you.

In a recent project I was just paid for consulting and the customer is going to buy the domain themselves and setup a free website themselves. They will call me if the need guidance, content development or graphical development from my team. Last month we developed a $25 000 custom coded responsive website, without ecommerce… Cost is relative to the amount of energy you need to put into a project.

Jason Stadtlander

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